The Disco Cabaret Show Performers

Reuben Kaye

Dubbed ‘the evil love child of Liza Minnelli and Jim Carrey’, the world renowned Reuben Kaye is one of our incredible compares who will guide you through the Studio 54 story behind the Disco 54 Cabaret Show. His high energy and filthy humor means no audience member is safe from his razor sharp wit. Expect glitter, lashes, sequins and camp.

Miss Polly Rae

Fresh out of the West End spectacular ‘the Hurly Burly Show’, Miss Polly Rae oozes glamour and all things fabulous, but don’t be fooled by her good looks and charm because underneath, she is armed with a deadly repertoire of razor-sharp wit. Having become an icon on the Cabaret circuit as a compere she will now expertly guide you through the Disco Cabaret Show. Whether you are new to Cabaret, or you are a seasoned show goer, Miss Polly Rae invites you to get up close and personal with this sensational spectacle. It’s sure to get your pulse racing.

Desmond O'Connor

With his risqué humour, Des O’Connor doesn’t just perform, he takes you on a lyrical journey. Flirting with the boundary between being crude and downright outrageous, his irresistible charm will have you eating out of the palm of his hand. Prepare to be teased, titillated, soothed, shocked and entertained beyond belief. With over 20 years’ experience in cabaret as an award-winning writer, producer and performer Des will create a night you won’t forget. His bittersweet lyrics and insanely catchy melodies never fail to shock, charm and entertain.

Joe Morose

Even though ‘morose’ means ‘expressing gloom’, Joe is quite the opposite. Known as the dandy Prince of Cabaret, Joe has the body of a child and the mind of a gin addled old lady. He has been a prominent member of the London Cabaret scene, performing in Proud, Madam JoJo’s and the Kaff bar. Now, compere at our Disco Cabaret Show, don’t let his childlike demeanour fool you and be prepared to be dazzled by his sarcastic wit. Joe is also an actor, director, composer, and writer and when he’s not in a dark room full of semi-naked people, he directs in theatres all over the country and in London’s West End.

Demi Noire

With cute sass, a flirty smile and a naughty sparkle in her eye, Demi Noire embodies all things sexy, funny and quirky. Radiating energy, you’re bound to be transfixed when she shakes her caboose. She prides herself on making everyone giggle, scream and shout as she controls the stage. Being a trained dancer and professional actor with a deep love for Cabaret she has entertained people all over the globe and now you have the opportunity to see her moves at our very own Disco Cabaret Show.

    Bettsie Bon Bon

    Having worked closely with Miss Polly Rae and the Hurly Burly Girlies. Bettsie went solo and took the cabaret world by storm. Known as the body of burlesque, this is one bump and grinding showgirl full of cheek, class and sass. Think glamour, rhinestones, feathers and bling! Reminiscent of a Vargas pin up girl, this classic beauty and trained professional dancer will tease you the whole way through the show. A performer with over 10 years’ experience and the best burlesque performer award 2016 under her very rhinstoned belt, Bettsie Bon Bon is a sensual delight.

    Beau Sargent

    Having initially been studying classic ballet and contemporary dance in Australia, Beau delved into the aerial arts and began training in aerial silks and contortion. He has also travelled around The United States and The United Kingdom finding work with international circus companies. He was awarded The European Circus Association Award and was awarded the Bronze Clown from Princess Stephanie of Monaco at New Generation Circus Festival in Monte Carlo 2016. There is no better man on the circuit to spice up your night with jaw dropping acrobatics.

    Anna the Hulagan

    Anna the Hulagan is a London born hula-hooper with a penchant for sequins and circles!  She is an award-winning fire hoop performer whose signature act, ‘The Pheonix’ is an homage to both traditional and neo-burlesque, circus, fire performance and spontaneity. As the winner of the Triple Crown award at the World Burlesque Games, this Hulagan delivers performances that are as fun as they are sexy. Now a part of the Disco Cabaret Show, this is one act you do not want to miss.

    Sadiq Ali

    Sadiq is not only a model but is also a specialised performer on Chinese pole, Pole dance, Aerial rope and Fire performance. This highly visual and impactful performance combines circus with elements of theatre, live art and dance. If you’re not already blown away by his good looks and powerful stage presence, you certainly will be when he starts on the pole. Whether you’re prefer an action-packed performance or you like the finer more graceful things in life, Sadiq has got it all. Effortless.

    Kitty Bang Bang

    Kitty Bang Bang is the whisky-soaked, fire-breathin’, chopper ridin’ Princess of British Burlesque. A cabaret chameleon, she manages to encompass both traditional 50s glamour and the electric energy of rock n roll. Originally trained in ballet and classical jazz, Kitty draws upon a twenty-two year acquisition of performance skill to deliver her highly choreographed and spectacular stage shows. Be it roaring onstage, breathing flames astride her custom chopper motorcycle or bursting out through her giant magazine cover in a Westwood inspired ball gown Kitty always delivers something polished, original and doubtless the evening will go with a… BANG!

    Teta Maria

    This ballet dancer turned pyromaniac tuns up the heat day in day out. The only thing hotter than Teta is the fire she performs with. After graduating from The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Teta modelled before trying her hand at fire performance and aerial hoop. Now, oozing experience 11 years later, she is still absolutely killing it at our Disco Cabaret Show. Her versatile skills mean that you never know what to expect with her as she can nail the full spectrum from graceful demure acts through to edgy and wild. Just expect to be blown away.

    Missy Fatale

    Whether it’s in the cirque-carnivals of Australia, the baroque theatres of Milan or the absinthe salons of Paris, Missy has been captivating people worldwide with her hypnotising fire performances. Finding the fine balance between elegance and an explosiveness you will be well and truly in awe. Missy’s prestigious list of elite audiences, including The Serpentine Gallery, Holly Wood producers Ridley Scott associates and the British Royal family, speaks for itself. If she is good enough for them, she is good enough for us, right?

    Korri Aulakh

    Having started circus aged 12 with the London Youth Circus, Korri definitely has his fair share of experience. Having initially done gymnastics and competitive trampolining he easily made the leap over to trapeze. This experience certainly shows in his performances that have an exceptional level of skill and quality of movement. He is undoubtedly one of the best in his field and makes swinging through the air look effortless. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as Korri takes to the air.

    Samantha Smith

    Having gained a deep fascination for movement while at Skadada Youth Circus, Samantha moved over from a variety of aerial and ground disciplines to contortion. Boasting the title of Variety artist of the World in 2015, she will leave you gobsmacked and simply asking ‘how?’. Her effortless and graceful nature coupled up with and air of absolute control is second to none. Due to the nature of her act, prepare to leave envious of her flexibility as she pulls off positions we could only dream of. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, Samantha is also a professional dancer which she combines with the circus arts to create an elegant masterpiece.

    Fiona Thornhill

    CYR wheels are one of the rapidly growing disciplines in circus and there is no better person to show you how it’s done, properly, than Fiona. She started her physical training as gymnast back in 2001 before she was selected to be part of the 2012 Move to the Beat Olympic campaign. Performing alongside Mark Ronson and Katie B, Fiona has performed for HM The Queen twice at the Royal Variety Performance and at the 2012 Torch Relay Concert. Be prepared to get blown away by this extremely powerful acrobat, coupled with pure finesse and grace.

    LJ Marles

    This home-grown London talent fell in love with circus after taking part in a youth project at the age of 17. Initially training Aerial straps, LJ developed this concept and soon started performing with his unique apparatus- the tension straps. With breath-taking balance and pinpoint precision, he has been wowing audiences the world over. He has pushed the boundaries of aerial artistry and quite literally taken the aerial straps to new heights

    Carla Lippis

    With Carla Lippis, scary is the new sexy. Standing in the crosshairs of female domination and masculine seduction, Carla brings her fierce brand of Rock n’ Roll swagger to the world of Cabaret. Armed with many musical personas she left the dusky Cabaret Stage of Italy for the bright lights of London. Lippis brings together the intimidating rock queen, the heart-breaking crooner and the glittery 1960’s pop star from her previous performances that culminates in a sensual and sinister performance that you will never forget.

    Storm Hooper

    Storm is not only one of the UK’s leading Hula Hoop speciality acts, she is also armed with unrivalled charm and personality. She is an incredibly bold and dynamic acrobat and has stunned audiences across the globe. Having also performed at the House of Burlesque, she is also an accomplished burlesque performer and as part of the sell-out internationally touring Evening of Burlesque theatre show. Be prepared to be completely mesmerised by her fluid hip movement and unparalleled flexibility.

    Sammy Dinneen

    Sammy Dinneen has taken a childhood classic, a handstand, and turned it into a spectacle to behold. He is now one of the most technical handbalancers in the UK having trained at the National Center for Circus Arts for three years. Sammy then honed in on his hand balancing skills out in the Ukraine where he worked with some of the best in the world. In a show that finds the perfect balance between Cabaret and Circus, Sammy’s unique and mind-blowing act will certainly be a standout performance.

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